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Hello and welcome to my page. Check out my brand new 2019 release album 'Luciano Antonio Quintet - Live At Jazz Showcase - w/ guests Breno Sauer and Neusa Sauer' that is still hot off the press and please check the calendar for upcoming events. Enjoy the ride...



Orbert Davis (The Real Deal with Orbert Davis - WDCB 90.9FM):

"Whether singing or performing on guitar, Luciano brings a fresh approach to cultural traditions. He has become a favorite on my radio show and my home as well!"


Mateo Mulcahy (Director of Events- The Old Town School of Folk Music):

"Luciano Antonio gave a truly inspired performance at the Old Town School as part of the World Music Wednesday series. After performing on the stage of the Old Town School on a number of occasions supporting other bands and artists, it was Luciano’s moment to shine presenting his original material and arrangements. Backed by of many of Chicago’s finest musicians, Luciano assumed his place as a natural front man and served up a spectacular evening of music to a full house of rapt Brazilian music fans. The music swung effortlessly from Bossa Nova to Brazilian Jazz to Samba riding on Luciano’s melodious voice and infectious guitar grooves. The Luciano Antonio Project is a Chicago gem ready for export." 


Neil Tesser (

"Antonio joined a roster littered with fine guitarists; he nonetheless cut a commanding figure among them, thanks to his glittering technique and a serenely ecstatic presence."


Scott Adams (The Sounds of Brazil Show - WDCB 90.9 FM):

"These days, it's all too easy to equate music with a computer file or pixilated photons in the shape of an onscreen 'buy' button. The good news is that Luciano Antonio's voice and guitar can quickly remind us of the uniquely 'human' nature of this most creative form of storytelling. And, as is always true with a good storyteller, Luciano's music creates images that remains with us in a satisfying, personal way."

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